Local Bar & Convenience Store


Friendly bar & Post office, only a three minutes stroll from the apartment 

Cold Italian Beers, Italian Coffee, Gelateria and great Pizza in the summer months (check with Fabio)

Fabio runs the bar and is extremely helpful & friendly. 



Although, it`s recommended to do your main shopping in one of the larger Supermarkets in the surrounding area.

This convenience store is only a 100 metres from the apartment and is very useful for buying those immediate necessities.

Their opening hours vary but they`re nearly always open from around 7.30 am and remain open until 8pm and possibly even later.

It`s great for all your top up and emergency shopping such as Bread, Milk, Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Bottled Water, Fresh Cheese, Butter, Milk, Vegetables, Pasta, Sauces, Eggs, Crisps, Cakes & Biscuits, along with a small selection of frozen foods plus Wines & Spirits, Beers & Soft drinks.

A selection of Cleaning products, toiletries etc are also available.







Local Bar & Convenience Store



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